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Discover your true potential with personalized coaching from trainers who understand your goals and will help you push past any limitations. Our coaches will guide you through the movements to help you achieve form, function, and strength. At Shogun Fitness, we’ll help you find the power of your potential.

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Bill Shockley


Bill Shockley


Owner and Head Coach William "Bill" Shockley has been CrossFitting for a decade, and specializes in cooperate wellness (nutrition consulting), Olympic lifting, ketogenic diet and nutrition coaching, and personal training. For the past 12 years, Coach Bill has dedicated his life to the fitness world. "My passion for fitness has evolved," he says, "but the underlying reason as to why I love to coach/train is to make every single person feel better about themselves in some aspect of their life. I’ve had the opportunity to interact with thousands of people in my career, and I can say with all humility, that the people who I’ve trained, have also positively impacted my life as well."

In his opinion, nothing is more challenging, or rewarding than walking through the doors of A.C.T., whether you’re a member, coach or owner. "The members of CrossFit A.C.T. are driven," he says. "So driven to succeed in fact, that we as coaches cannot have an ‘off’ day...which pushes me to be the best."

When members "line up" for class, Bill thrives off the looks of excitement, determination and accomplishment that each member obviously feels before and after a workout session. "Seeing the changes in each member over the course of weeks, months and even years is...AWESOME. Not just physically but a total mind and body transformation is the best form of payment I can ever accept."

Bill enjoys spending time with his family, which include three hounds. Or, in the garden. Or barbecuing.


  • Level 1 CrossFit Coach
  • Level 2 CrossFit Coach
  • Kettle Bell Certification by Jeff Martone
  • CrossFit Endurance Pose Method
  • CrossFit Weightlifting Certification
  • CrossFit Powerlifting Certification by Mark Rippatoe
  • ACE Certified personal trainer

"Amazing people and a great place to train!" - Paul A.